Steens is FSC® certified

We source raw materials from managed forests

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Responsibility and FSC®

At Steens Group A/S, our goal is to produce stylish high quality furniture with mass appeal made from raw materials of known origin and with full traceability ensuring we minimize our impact on the environment.
Our passion for solid wood and focus on the use of timber from sustainable forests is underlined by the fact that since 2008, Steens Groups A/S has been FSC certified.

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What is FSC?

In FSC-certified forests, timber is harvested in a sustainable way ensuring continuity of supply without the damage caused by deforestation. In addition, FSC approval ensures that animals and plants are protected as well and that the people who work in the forest are ensured education, safety and decent pay.
FSC is an international labeling scheme of wood and paper that ensure forestry with care for animals, nature and people.
All types of forests can be FSC-certified. Both Scandinavian coniferous forests, tropical rain forests and plantations. Parts of a forest is preserved so that endangered animals and plants are protected.


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